Poem Entry #08: Gun against my head

Writing the darkest poems sent me to the bottom of the world. Under the vast ocean and its silent black space, where unnerving creatures live to never speak of a tale. All lights escape but the feeling of solace caresses my body in its wake. Picture by Mikael’s playground showing a solitary boat manoeuvring the black ocean.

Poem Entry #07: The Drizzle of Arrows – Wounded and Waning

Coping with the loss of someone important is one the hardest steps we have to take in life. Sometimes taking this big upward step will cause us to tumble and fall behind. And being lost in grief will make us further slump into sadness. But some take on the revenge route, a lonely destination that would only bring chaos. Whatever we do, it will never bring back the dead to the living.

Apple To Ship Smartphones Without Chargers in 2021 – EVERYONE ELSE Will Follow and You won’t even see a price difference. Here’s why

Apple is going all out to help the cause of reducing e-waste. Should the industry follow? But what will this mean for the pricing of future smartphones? Will it be cheaper? Yes but no, it’s a complicated answer to say the least but there are many factors that will influence the increase of phone prices either way. It’s pleasing to see the prospect of phone prices dropping but with the loom of 5G connectivity, I beg to differ.

Things I wished were adapted to comics #2: Red Dead Redemption Universe – Should it be a trilogy?

Rockstar’s RDR narrative feel like it belongs in fantasy western novels and we are fortunate to see it grace the PS4, Xbox and lately the PC. No doubt the premises of the plot allowed for a great story to be conceived especially in a world before law came into prominence and a barren desert land full of promises yet to be discovered. There were heaps of possibility what would happen in a world yet to be controlled. But now that the story has been told what other adventures could be told from within or beyond the famous outlaw, Dutch Van Der Linde Gang now that it has been dissolved?

Comic Review: The Loving Dead by Stefano Rafaelle Published by Humanoids issue #1-3 – When you fall in love after death and as a Zombie

Love knows no boundaries even in a world where the population has been overtaken by the undead. In the loving dead, the world is deserted as if landfill of crops experience the eternal sun of absolute drought. The world is decaying and so are the undead. But underneath all that demise, love still seems to exist. What if Zombies had their intelligence still intact despite their body turning into corpse? Are they still allowed to continuing living and loving as an undead?

The Last of Us 2: Why it doesn’t deserve the negative criticism (Spoiler)

TLOU2 is probably the most polarizing game to be released on the PS4. A lot of fans are turning against Naughty Dog and Neil Druckmann, the writer of the series for killing off a crucial character. Fans also were caught off guard as they are forced to play a character who is arguably the most hated antagonist of the story half way throughout the game. This is an expected issue but are we really understanding what the story is? In today’s posting I will argue why it takes a little maturity and a lot of perspective to appreciate a game of this quality story-telling. It’s a harrowing tale one made for harrowing times that continues the first story made of consequential choices.